Advent calendar links?

Is there a link to the entries for the advent calendar? I checked the app yesterday, but managed to fat-finger and tap away the advent calendar link for day 1 without visiting it. I’d like to see it, but I can’t find any way to revisit previous days.

Did you by any chance notice what it was? They don’t work very well, I also unintentionally dismissed the first one because it popped up as I was tapping my finger to do something else. And the deep links in the email don’t work me, they just open the website.

From memory,

  • Today (Sunday) it was a free foam roller and free shipping with a purchase over 60 €. Works by entering code FREEROLLER at checkout.
  • Yesterday (Saturday) I got a link to a recipe of sugar-free gingerbread cookies. Not sure if this was part of the advent calendar campaign, but here is the link anyway
  • Friday is the one I accidentally dismissed I think

Friday was a request to do a Flexible Flow (“Rundum Flexibel” in German).

It seems that today two different popups were enabled. I also got that one with the foamroller. My husband got one about free e-books.