Allergies and the nutrition plan

I just got the training + nutrition subscription and was browsing through the available recipes.
I was kind of hoping that allergies would be a factor when selecting your dietary preferences.

Sadly they aren’t. I have several food allergies including raw fruit, raw vegetables, unprocessed nuts, soja, …
I can eat most of those things once they have been heated/processed (except for soja, banana f.e.)

Most of the recipes found contain 1 or more of those ingredients and I can’t swap them out for anything else in the app. (Unless I start researching for myself, but frankly I got the app so I wouldn’t have to do that)

Am I missing feature or are allergies not in scope?

Would I be able to revert to a training plan only? (Partial refund of the nutrition plan?)

Hey @Snaxx :wave:t2:

Yeah, you’ll need to think about just going forward with the Training Coach only. More info :point_down:t2: