App won't load 😭

Hey everyone!

Anyone else having issues with the app? It will not open on my iphone 6. It opens for a split second and closes automatically. I have reinstalled it twice, restarted my phone and nothing works :frowning:

Hey Andrew :wave:t2:

I just moved this to a separate topic in case others have similar problems :+1:t2:

We’re aware of a few users on older iPhones using iOS 12.5.5. experiencing this kind of problem :cry:

We’re already on it and working to identify the cause and issue a fix. I know it’s not ideal but if you get in touch with us at the address we’ll make sure you don’t lose any time on your subscription :muscle:t2:


Thanks Ben! Fingers crossed!

Hey Andrew-we released a fix for this in the update today :sweat_smile:

You should be able to download the newest version and open the app as normal now.

Sorry for the inconvenience!