Apple watch app gone?!

Hi team!

Today I was surprised to notice that the apple watch app is gone. It was very convenient. How will heart rate be tracked during runs? Waiting to hear your comments)

Hey Andrey, a big welcome to the Forum :wave:t2:

Yes, we are sad that we had to take this step.

You can still track your HR with your Watch :+1:t2: The Freeletics app has never used HR rate data-this was always ever recorded by your Watch and shared with the Fitness/Health apps.


Hey Ben,
what’s the reason for deleting the app for the watch? I really liked using it to switch between exercises. When will there be a replacement?

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Hey Ray :wave:t2:

You can read more in the topic below :point_down:t2:

I honestly can’t say when, I would be making a false promise if I tried. I can say that we do want a wearable solution, but the current one doesn’t work completely at the moment, and will work even less due to changes we will be making in the Training app over the coming year. I think once the current app revamp is complete, it is something we will definitely review.



Please review this in your upcoming releases. I have been using Freeletics for over 5 years, and when the app for Apple Watch came, it was a real dealbreaker for me. It completely changed and improved my experience as I was able to manage my exercises from my wrist, and not anymore from my phone that I had to move around, or I didn’t have the right position to reach it easily and lost precious time trying to beat my personal best.
On top of that, having troubles seeing from far, my Watch helped me often to see the info I needed to carry on my exercises.
Without the Apple Watch app, I have the impression I am back to Sone Age. This is not helping at all regarding the user experience


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