Apple watch version?

Hi, I am new here. I read that Apple watch is the only smartwatch compatible with Freeletics. Does it work with Apple Watch 3? I don’t want to spend too much on a watch as the complete amateur that I am. :slight_smile:


Hi @Renewad and Welcome to the forum.
The Apple Watch Standalone App doesn’t exist anymore.

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Okay, thanks a lot. So does this mean that it doesn’t make sense to invest in any kind of smart watch, because they don’work with Freeletics?

Freeletics used to have a standalone app, they killed it in June. You can still use the Apple Watch app but it acts as a “remote control” for the phone app. You will need to have the phone unlocked and in the freeletics app in order to use the app in your phone.

For running if you use the freeletics app it won’t tell you your BPMs anymore, but you can log the workout with the native exercise watch on the Apple Watch if you want that data (that’s what I’ve been doing), there are also other workout apps that have standalone Apple Watch apps too.

If you were thinking on getting a smart watch just for freeletics it might not make too much sense. But if you want to buy a smart watch in general for exercising I’d say it’s worth it. I like working out with mine.


I use the apple watch app for years as a remote control for the phone freeletics app! For me is it very useful by training