Badges and training journey


I have two questions:

Does anybody know how can I look over my badges earned so far? I have just finished my first
training journey but I cannot find the badges on the app.
Where can I find my finished training journey on the app?


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Hi @Funthomi , you can find your badges on your coach tab, on the top right-hand corner, between your week progression and the settings button. You will see a little badge icon.

Regarding the completed training journey to date, I don’t think that is something you can do at the moment.

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Hey @Funthomi, first of all- a big welcome :wave:t2:

@TomG already answered this, thanks Nano :pray:t2:

Yeah, Nano is correct-this isn’t something that you can currently find on the app. It is something we are working on and hopefully we will see a change here in the future :+1:t2:



Thank you for the answers!

Based on these I can see the badges when I have training journey in progress only (so not when I finished one).

Just to clarify this-you can ALWAYS see all of your badges, it doesn’t matter if you are on a Training Journey or not. The badges you collect will always be available to view in your “Achievements” screen.

thanks for the awesome information.

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And where can I find the Achievements screen?

In your Coach tab here :point_down:t2:


Thank you, but based on your answer I can see the badges when I am in a training journey only so when I don’t select any journey I cannot see it.

No, you can see this even if you don’t have a current TJ selected. Am I misunderstanding your question maybe?

I cannot find that you mentioned

There is no icon here.

Hmmm, I have been able to replicate this after a few attempts, by logging out and back in, and now come to the same screen you have. I don’t think this is expected behaviour in the app and will ask the team to take a look :+1:t2: If it is expected behaviour, I’ll let you know.

Thanks for the perseverance here :clapclapstatic:

Thank you, I am waiting for the team.

Ok, so this, unfortunately for the time being is now the expected behaviour. We are doing some work to change this, but I do think this will take some time.

So for now, you do in fact need to have a current TJ to see the Coach tab, including any workouts that you do from the “Explore” section, the assigned Mindset session, and for access to the achievement tab.

Hopefully that clears this up! :sweat_smile:

Thank you, everything is clear now.

thanks for the awesome information.