Beta Testing Coach +

How are we supposed to test the coach+ when it‘s only for new users?


I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and the box to access Coach+ appeared. First, I set my device’s language to English, which I understand is an essential requirement.

Edit: sorry, Coach+ works even if the system language is set differently but it only speaks in English.

Edit 2: Coach+ also speaks Italian, the language of my device.

Getting advice while picking a Training Journey is for new users only while existing users with a subscription can access Coach + on your Coach tab below your workout plan to ask questions and receive personalized tips on fitness, nutrition, and motivation :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot mate :smiling_face:


Not for Android?

Of course, it’s also available on Android. I could see it having V24.20.0.
But I had to switch my system language to English first (but switched back to German afterwards) and to clear the app storaged data (you could also delete and re-install).

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Thank you melaLetics for help me :pray: :blush:

I must say that I’m quite disappointed with this new feature in the Freeletics app. It feels like nothing more than a standard ChatGPT API chatbot, lacking the personalization and integration I was hoping for. One of the main issues is that I can’t ask anything about my current Freeletics training, results, training history, or future training sessions because the chatbot doesn’t have access to that information. This makes the interaction feel generic and impersonal, as if I’m talking to a bot that knows nothing about my Freeletics journey.

Moreover, the Coach+ feature doesn’t seem to have access to the adapt functionality of a Freeletics training session. I was expecting the chatbot to be able to analyze my performance and suggest adjustments to my Freeletics training plan accordingly. However, it appears that adjusting the training based on the Coach+'s recommendations is not possible at the moment. This lack of adaptability is a significant drawback, as it limits the usefulness of the feature in terms of helping me optimize my Freeletics workouts.

In terms of design, the new feature feels very basic and underwhelming within the Freeletics app. I was hoping for a more intuitive and interactive interface, perhaps with options to choose from menus to learn more about specific topics related to my Freeletics training. Having these options would have made the experience more engaging and informative, allowing me to dive deeper into areas of interest and get more value out of the chatbot within the Freeletics ecosystem.

Overall, I can’t help but feel that this new feature falls short of expectations for the Freeletics app. It lacks the personalization, adaptability, and depth that would make it a truly valuable addition to the Freeletics experience. I hope the Freeletics developers will take this feedback into consideration and work on improving the Coach+ feature to better meet the needs of Freeletics users like myself who are looking for a more comprehensive and tailored fitness companion within the app.


Not gonna comment on coach+ until I try it.

I can only give my opinion that this feature doesn’t seem necessary.
It just looks like jumping on AI chat popularity train.

Better to work on improving existing coach AI.
Sometimes I feel like coach is not adapting to my feedback at all.

On dumbbell gain journey I have a case of telling coach I could do another 3-5 reps only to come back next session or next week with exactly same amount of reps and weight.

Journey is far from being bad don’t get me wrong. Some improvements would be nice to see tho