Update to the app training flow (A/B test Android only)

Hi everyone :wave:t2:

Just an FYI that we have started an A/B test today in the Android version of the app. Please just note that the A/B test groups are assigned randomly.

Those of you in a test group will see a different version of the Coach tab that gives you a bit more detail of your assigned Coach session as well as a seemless transition throughout the different workouts that make it up.

It also tracks throughout the session so you can kind of see “where you are”, rather than it feeling a bit disjointed, so it should feel like a single Coach session, and it is a lot easier to navigate through.


Please give it a try, let us know what you like about it, but also what you don’t in a constructive way, so that we can take your feedback into account :+1:t2:



How is this supposed to be easier to navigate if I need to open every accordion if i want to see the content inside instead of just swiping.

And the users really want to open a training session with a really big list of exercises inside?

I thought that the way Freeletics was created (little chunks of exercises) was to make the process easier for people that are just starting into fitness and to use the same created workouts inside other sessions faster :face_with_monocle:

Hey Raúl :wave:t2:

Can you expand on this question :point_down:t2: ? There isn’t any need to expand anything on the Coach tab in the Test group (well, apart from Warmups/Cooldowns). The overview of the Coach session is laid out directly on the screen. This is a change, as beforehand, you would have to go in to an interval for example to see the exercises. So in the test group, you don’t have to do anything extra to see the content inside.


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The update of the app seems the next horrible idea of the Team Freeletics.
Here a screenshot of the update. The UI is horrible, you have to scroll downwards to see what your next exercises are. The overview of your daily workout is completely gone, too much info here.


Hi @TristandeLaat

We of course want you all to have the best experience with the app, and would like to get a bit more detail regarding your feedback.

For this AB test, we indeed changed the way your training day is displayed. You have now to scroll a bit more to see the modules composing your training, but you don’t have to open them individually anymore, to check which exercises to expect.

The overview of the session is different, but which information are you missing now?
We also noted that you feel it is too much info in one screen.

Regarding the way the session is being conducted, did you feel an improvement? We changed it to be more fluid without having to go back to the main screen between each exercise.

We encourage you to tell us what you would change and how, to improve your training experience.


The buttons are an improvement, but displaying all the exercises on one screen is too much info to process. Human brain is not made to handle that much information. It is better to close those intervals/exercises by default. And if I want more info i can click for the dropdown with those exercises

Hi Ben,

I cant see the detail for some of the god workouts- e.g Orpheus appears fine on one day (shows how many round, what exercises and how many reps), but on a different day Persephone shows the exercises but just says ‘3 rounds of various reps’, with nothing to click on to see more detail

Also, on an interval day, it shows me exercises and reps but not rest period or length



I like the look.
Have really good visibility to start with workout everyday and what you are working on at glance

Clicking the exercise and opening at glance would be even better. As some exercises we are unfamiliar with. We can take look before starting everyday workout

Not sure about your brain but that are very few information to digest. If you have problems looking at a few exercises on one screen I’ve no idea how you survive in life to be honest. The stuff I work with on a daily basis has 5-10x more information on a single screen and I’m fine with that. Even a regular news website has fare more information on it, don’t see the problem.

I really like the new layout, 10x better than before. I’ve to wait until Wednesday to do the first workout with to check the new flow, but from what I read it will be a lot better as well.

One thing that is not so good: I can’t click on the thumbnail of an exercise to jump into the video/tutorial. Sometimes there are exercises where I want to check the correct technique before I start, therefore it would be great if a touch on the thumbnail would get me to the tutorial.

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I miss the workouts name and its multiplicity when only a workout (none exercise and non interval are also assigned that day) is assigned that coach day. Also one of my community said she isn’t fine to have do the coach day in it’s assigned order; she sometimes changes it to fit better to her daily form (,I can totally understand; when I have my period, for example, I also put skill improvements that contain jumps at the end of a session).


When I look at me or other similar users (with subscription or free app users) which only use the tabs in the sixpack and train without coach the screen is overload with too much informations we do not need. We have to scroll down more than now (it was easier to find everything when we had an separate explore tab) to get to the sixpack tabs, it so more difficult to find now and takes more time. Another point which is not perfect for us to have Adapt session and Start over the screen because we do not use it too.

I often hear in the past months that athletes which not used the app for longer time do not find the workouts/exercises/runs (do not know how to get there) for which they are searching, this new feature will make it more difficult, before they get the chance to try the app for free, for example doing free god workouts they quit maybe.


Im a UX designer, and im sure its too much information to digest. Chunks are really better to digest. Also you have to scroll completely downward for your workout. The first 20 seconds i see completely nonsense info, like the day message, the session with too much info, the warmup and then i see my first workout.

Sometimes its better to go back in an app, what if I want to start with the third interval or the progression exercise?

And if you really want to show all the exercises, show the individual intervals seperated from each other with some backgroundcolor or something. Now the workouts looks to close to the exercises


Are we seeing the same UI?

When I click on a day I see information about the session immediately without scrolling (and the information are import, not sure what you mean with nonsense; I see the duration of the session, the focus of the session, the equipment needed, except for the points all other information are essential to know). Then I see the warmup (folded, which makes sense as I don’t need to know what exercises are in the warmup) and then after scrolling a tiny bit I see the session with exactly the information I’m interested in: What exercises are included, how many rounds, number of reputation, that’s it. Not sure what you would take away from it, as all this are critical information to plan the workout and make a call wether to do it or maybe adapt the session because of an injury or so.

“what if I want to start with the third interval or the progression exercise?” → Why would you do this? There is a reason why the coach has given you the session as it is. I’m doing this now for 5 years (with a bit of a covid break) and have never changed the order of the exercises. If you want to do that then don’t use the coach but build your own sessions.


Because having your period, it couldn’t be the best idea to do High Jumps as Skill Improvement @beginning but it’s ok at the end of a session when the uterus could relax directly afterwards.
Of course, I also could switch to “Train quite” but I hate it to adapt a session just because of that shitty monthly issue.


“Why would you do this? There is a reason why the coach has given you the session as it is.”

While it’s generally recommended to follow the order and structure of a pre-designed training program, it’s ultimately up to the individual to decide whether they want to make modifications. While the program may be designed to achieve specific goals and optimize results, every individual is unique and may have different preferences or limitations.

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Hi. Not too keen on the new interface, On one hand having the session detailed is ok but, in my case with the Kettlebell Fundamentals journey, there is no information about the weights I’ll need. Another big downside is the fact that I am now unable to change the order of the intervals or even skip the warmup if I want to. I sometimes change the order of the progression intervals or the regualr intervals to adjust to my schedule. This makes the workout a lot more rigid.

This is not an effective use of an A/B test. Don’t just run an A/B test because you know what it is called. Y’all seem to need to learn when such a test is actually helpful.

Completely agree, this is a big dislike for me. I quite often changed the order I did exercises for various reasons but especially where equipment is involved

e.g. If im in a gym I would do all the exercises that required the same equipment in one go

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