Bug: recipe measurements in USA-format

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:point_right:t2: Nothing, I received the email. The recipe measurements are in USA-specific format. Why not use metric like 99% of the planet?

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:point_right:t2: N/A

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:point_right:t2: N/A

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:point_right:t2: N/A

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:point_right:t2: English (UK)

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:point_right:t2: Belgium

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:point_right:t2: 18h00, 9 June 2024

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:point_right:t2: N/A

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Hey :wave:t2:

As far as Iā€™m aware we do use metric (i.e. millilitres and grams) in our recipes.

Can you throw a screenshot of the newsletter you are referring to below?


Hi, sure, here you go. Thanks.