📣 Calling All Athletes: July Forum Challenge

Hey there, fitness warriors! :muscle:

Are you looking for a new workout to crush in the summer time? Get ready and join our July Forum Challenge :trophy:
Complete the following specially designed workout before July 31st. That’s right, you’ve got the whole month to conquer it!
You can access it by clicking on this link from the phone your app is installed on.

Why Participate? :thinking_face:

  • This is only accessible via the Forum
  • Test your limits and see what you’re made of! :boom:
  • Compete with fellow athletes across the Forum community :first_place_medal:
  • Earn bragging rights (and maybe some muscle soreness :wink:)
  • The Cherry on Top :cherries:, every athlete who completes the challenge will receive a 50% off voucher for a Coach subscription. Use it for yourself or gift it to a friend who needs that extra push.

How It Works :arrows_counterclockwise:

  • Accept the challenge and complete the workout at least once before July 31st
  • We’ll verify all completions
  • Receive your reward via email in early August
    Remember, this challenge is all about pushing ourselves, supporting each other, and growing stronger as a community. The voucher is a bonus – So, who’s in?

Let’s go, athletes! :fire: :clapclapstatic:

Voucher Details :memo:
No expiration date (use it whenever you’re ready!)
Can’t be combined with existing LTA offers
Not applicable for the essentials shop
1 voucher per Athlete


I follow the link and doesn’t works.

@erickzf It must be opened on the device (phone, tablet) where your app is installed

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Yes, of course i did It in that way. The only result i had was the stating page of freeletics was opened. But nothing related to july’s Challenge
Through the freeletics app does not appears to me
Thank you in advance for you Time

Count me in!
Will return from bikepacking this week :sunglasses:


Will you actually make it back to Germany? Sounds like you might be going backwards with the wind :joy:


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The wind gave its best but I obviously won - will be at home in around two hours :star_struck:

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I never doubted it :muscle:t2: Great effort, looked exceptionally tough at times :sweat_smile:


You need to hold the link and click on open in external app.


I’m in! :raising_hand_woman:t3:

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Done!!! Excellent!!!

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Great effort Francisco :muscle:t2:


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