Can’t follow other users in app

I cannot follow people in the app. Am I doing something wrong? Have deleted and added app

Austin Ingalls

Who are you trying to follow? It could be they have a private profile and need to approve the follow request.

You could try following @melaLetics…search for mela Letics in the app. Does that work?


That profile doesn’t even show up for me when I search.

When I click on someone to follow them it checks their name for a half second and then just goes back to the plus sign to add them again.

I’m assuming you have a confirmed account? How many athletes have you requested to follow today already?

I don’t understand why Melas profile won’t appear when you search it.

Can you take a screen recording and upload it to drive or something?


Sounds like it could be a bug if you are not able to follow anyone at all. Can you create a new topic in the below section? There’s a template to follow :+1:t2:

Thanks in advance!