Follow each other feature missing


until a while ago, you could easily see in the app if you were following each other. This function has apparently been lost. Will this be rolled out again? Or am I missing something? Android and iOS.

Thanks for any suggestions

Hi @peter.kautz
If you go to the Profile tab > Medal Icon > Followers/Following sections, you should see who’s following you and if you’re following these Athletes in return or not.
Is that what you mean?

Hi @Sylvain,
Thanks for the feedback! I know the section, that’s not what I meant. You used to be able to go to the profile of the people you follow and then see if they follow you on their profile. That’s missing now. The scenario I have in mind: Someone follows you, you follow back, and then you realise that there’s never any feedback. And then you could see very quickly whether someone just wanted to increase his or her follower numbers by following athletes “en masse”, only to unfollow them again…