Coach spund has been stopped?

Hi suddenly in my coach Leg strenght & Sprints, half in the program the sound when coach counting down, half way point, and end of sprit has stopped. This only occures when in the Intervall run section. It works in warmup and cooldown. Har to do sprints if no information is recived. Need to look on phone all the time??

Iphone 12, IOS 16,5

App version


Half in the coach program, have no date

same here for all gods that involve running (Hermes, Kadmos, etc). Countdown after breaks (starting with round 3) are without “Voice”.

Yes, it is not on all just on the “running” part. Hard to make sprint if yoy need to look at the phone and have it in you hand all the time. Is there any one else experience this issue.

I tryed to unmute the phone but still only vibration when count down and finish.

I missed the countddown voice, the voice who tells next sprint and prepeare 30sec before next spring.

I also reinstalled the app…