Base Level not counting

When accessing the app to the coach view I can see that it is not counting all of the non coach days where I have hit the base target of 17 minutes +. On some day’s I’ve ran for more than an hour and long walks so definitely more than 17 minutes.

Should it so that I can partake in the competition?

I’m Using iPhone 12 max pro

Thank you in advance

Hey Joanne :wave:t2: A big welcome! I’m sorry to hear you seem to be having trouble here :frowning_face:

What are you expecting to see and what exactly are you seeing? Let’s use today as an example :+1:t2:

Can you share some screenshots of your Coach tab today, and your Apple Health app showing the activities that you think should be included in your Base today?

Can you also share a screenshot confirming the connection with Apple Health in the Freeletics app?

Thanks in advance!


Hi there!
It’s exactly the same for me. January 1st: skiing ( it actually even appears there three times, don’t know why)
2nd & 3rd: coach day. Now base says 2 days completed.

Ill add some screenshots:

What activities show as logged on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday?

You’ll only see activities logged on the other days i.e. you’ll only see the progress bar on the current day (today).

Just to clarify @Simonae, I can only see on our side that you have completed Base yesterday and today :+1:t2: (i.e. a 2 day streak). So what is showing on Monday in your Health app?


Thank you for reaching out to me, I don’t know if I’m being a bit daft! It maybe a case of PICNIC (problem in chair not in computer)

Today is showing as a 1 day streak but see attached photos of activities completed last couple of days.

Can you force close your app and reopen it for me? Any change? :crossed_fingers:t2:


That did make me giggle :joy: I will have to steal that one for personal use. I can reassure you, the problem is not sat in your chair :+1:t2:


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Hi Ben.

Wow, thanks for the quick answer! I didn’t expect that at this time :sweat_smile::clap::clap:

Sorry if i wasn’t clear:

Monday, the day I am missing, I went skiing. I tracked it with my watch, it is shown in my health app:

And it also is shown in the FL app:

(Tuesday and Wednesday were FL sessions, both of them counted :heavy_check_mark:)

We should have your Base marked as completed on Monday :+1:t2:

What does your current streak show after closing the app and restarting? It should show as a 3 day streak.


Tried that like 5 times now :sweat_smile: still showing a 2 day streak :woman_shrugging:

Ok, then I think we have a problem that we’ll need to look in to further :+1:t2:

Thanks for trying everything Simone, I’m sorry that you did all that and nothing worked :cry:

Appreciate all the screenshots, I think we’ve got everything we need to try to replicate, if not I’ll message.

Schlaf gut!



I’ve forced restart, deleted and checked for updates and still the same .

Glad you like it! It’s a phrase that does get a few giggles!

Thank you for responding tonight

Schlaf gut & dankschön


Same issue here. Yesterday session didn’t get logged in base even though it shows up in the app. Today it says 1 day streak today even though I have consistent base every day since 01/01.

Also general sync with Apple health app doesn’t work. Workouts from Freeletics often don’t show up in Apple health app - maybe same bug?

Same issue here. I did Mixed Cardio this morning (apple watch) but it does not count on my Base Activities.

Hey @Ben, any updates? And can you guys fix the base in our accounts? Would be nice to have the full count visible :slight_smile:


Hi there,

I’m unfortunately facing the same problem, base was reset to 1 out of nowhere.

Yes same problem for me too. This means that I’ve had a completed base since 1st January in line with your competition, and today it only says 4 day streak! Any advice on how to fix?

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Hello there,
The base line of activities is connected to my health app on my iPhone.
Yesterday, I went skiing and told in Health app how much kilometres I did. But the Base line on Freeletics was empty.
How can I change it? How can I record the datas of activities that I put in Health, sot that there are written in Base. How does it function.? Thank you for your help.

Try to force close the app and reopen.
For me it works.

No it doesn’t work… I saw that the calories spent that day are not written… I put something but nothing in Freeletics has changed…