Community Feed all pictures deleted ✅

Yesterday I want to make a posting but I saw that my picture I added was not uploaded, when I tried again same problem. After I had I look in my feed and saw that all pictures in the past from my posts, I scrolled down for some weeks and months (maybe years), are complete deleted, only text is visible.

My phone is a Google Pixel 3a

Do you know about this problem? Any help available?

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I faced the same - couldn’t see the picture of some of my community (using Pixel 5) but my husband could see them. I’m on beta, Version 23.36.2.

@Rolf @melaLetics
Our team deployed a fix. If you refresh the feed or reopen the app, it should be fixed.
Can you confirm?

Yes, found it fixed. :+1:

Yes, thanks for quick help!!!