Comments appear blank

Hey! Having problems with the app again…all comments seem to appear blank white and also cant open the done workout descriptions in separate window to see full written text. What should i do ?

What os and App version do you use?
That behaviour appeared last week on Android with version 22.18.0 and I found it fixed with version 22.19.0

Using Android11 and 22.18 but it doesnt offer me update to new version yet

As I am on beta, I was able to update on newer version.
In your case: wait til the next update, it will be then fixed. I guess, this will be coming soon :blush:

This topic is happening to so many people now, that communication is difficult.
@Charly or @Ben , if this problem persists, could you inform the users via banner inside the app on what to do or what to expect? At this point, there are a lot of unhappy people.

An informal banner could only be displayed with an app apdate - and that’s than unnecessary because with new version 22.19.0 this will be fixed :wink:

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Everyone follows Freeletics within the app, so just post it that way. It is important to inform people.

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Hello everyone!

we are happy to announce officially that this bug is fixed with version 22.19.0.

Please let the support team know, if any new issues appear.

Enjoy training :sun_with_face: