Various issues with shared workouts

I’ve noticed different issues when sharing both workouts and exercises.

After finishing a self picked God or exercise (I guess this applies to any kind of self picked training, yet I am listing what I’ve tested so far), if I add an image and some text when sharing, only the image will show up, while the text will be completely ignored. If otherwise I add only text, it will be displayed. If I later on try to edit the text, any edit will be ignored. If I later on add an image, the text will be wiped, and only the image will be visible. Once you attach an image, there is no workout edit you can do: any text will be ignored, deleting the image won’t delete it.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro
iOS 16.6
Freeletics 23.44.0 (23440000)
Always since I’ve noticed it

N.B. I’ve deleted the mentioned release and tried quite a few previous releases through TestFlight 'till the oldest one possible 23.32.0 (23320000) without getting rid of this very nasty bug

:white_check_mark: Fixed! :partying_face:

I’ve been seeing a somewhat similar issue but I am sure it is just a lack of refresh of the feed.
When I edit a post and save, the app redirects me to the feed, and my post is not updated, until I pull down to refresh.

Another funny issue I get a lot, is the fist time I post (not an edit), my post and my name appear correctly, but instead of my profile photo it is a photo of someone else who I’m connected with. I guess it is a photo of someone who also has a post in my feed that day.

iPhone 13 Pro
I’ve been seeing it for many months, maybe more than a year, or years