Compete vs Last Time

The app used to give you the option of choosing to compete against your Last Time rather than your Personal Best when doing a God Workout.

I always thought this was a great feature, it give a more achievable level of challenge if you were returning from an injury or a period of inactivity. Is there any scope for reintroducing it in the future?


Cracking suggestion. I often find this situation as I’m often returning from a period of absence for one reason or another

I really like the idea!
It would be also nice to see PBs of a specific time like it also known in classical athletics.
For example PB_lastYear, PB_seasonal, PB_last5Years or whatever.

Its impressive to see what nice shape I already had at the PB.
Of course its a big motivation to reach this again but mostly its really anoying. There a special period where I had so much time for sport.
Im pretty sure I will never have so much time again.

Period PBs would be a nice feature to see the actual form and trend.
This would be leeds a to big motivation as well!