Option to select the Time/PB to beat


my feature request is the option to select the Time/PB I want to beat in my current training session. No matter if it is a workout in my journey or if I decide to just do or add a Freeletics god workout myself.

I can already watch my friends PBs and all my attempts on a given god workout. So it would be cool if I could select either a PB of one of my friends or an earlier attempt of mine (maybe just the last attempt), instead of my overall PB.

With that you could for example do challenges, like always try to beat your friends PB.
Also if I am about to do a workout for the first time and dont have an own PB yet, I could still try and beat my friends time as additional motivation.
It could also function as a motivation to see that I improved since my last attempt, when I know that my PB is way out of reach because I was in a way better shape back then or I am currently just coming back from an injury.

Of course you would also have to cancel or adapt the bonus points that you currently get if you beat your own PB.

Hi @niklasst! :slight_smile: Thanks for the detailed suggestion. I’ll make sure this gets discussed and considered within the Freeletics Team :+1:t2:

Similarly, it would be great to look up my weight lifting PBs (sets x reps @ weight) or 1RM (calculated 1 rep max value) for specific major lifts like deadlift, bench, back squat.