"Ghost Challenge"

Dear FL-Team,

First of all, I think the new challenge function is great (even though I haven’t used it yet).

Couldn’t something like this also be done in “single-player mode”? I think it would be great if, for example, the time of another athlete would be indicated parallel to my own time when doing a gods workout. Basically similar to the “ghost races” in mario kart, if you know what i mean :stuck_out_tongue: I could, for example, mark the time of an athlete who is better than me before I start training and this time would be displayed parallel to mine. I think that would be very motivating. That way I could pick up the pace when I’m slowing down and loosing to the “ghost”. To a certain extent, the app already includes this with your own old times, which always show how many seconds you are faster or slower. But it would be great to be able to compare to other athletes “live”.




“Fun” Fact: this used to be a feature of the app. Unfortunately, the ghost mode, where you could battle your past self, had been removed at some point. Similar to the “Last Time” (LT) indicator where you could choose between your PB and your LT as reference for your workout.