Crash report App Android beta 24.5.0

Good morning, I’m reporting a bug in the release in question. The app closes unexpectedly every time I try to edit a post. the problem occurs on both Samsung S22 ultra and Xiaomi mi 9 lite phones. I attach the screen recording. Italian language, GMT +1 time zone. Samsung S22 ultra, Android 14, One UI 6.0

Yup, I’ve been able to replicate it. Thanks GianLuke :+1:t2:


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@GianLuke we’ve released a fix for this in a Beta update (24.5.1) that should be in available in Play soon :+1:t2:


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Thank you Ben! I downloaded the update and the problem is solved. I would like to take this opportunity to report another bug that has been present on the same smartphone models for several weeks now. When scrolling through my profile feed, the loading of old posts stops at a certain point. It is then necessary to go back to the previous menu and start scrolling again. The scrolling stops randomly.

A welcome feature to try to speed up the search for old posts would be a “search” button.

The scrolling bug still persists. Am I the only one experiencing this?

the scrolling issue has not been fixed yet, even after several months.
Has anyone else experienced this problem?

This was fixed a while ago.

What is happening now exactly? I’ve tried replicating but the scrolling seems to be working as expected. There’s a small delay whilst the feed loads after each small scroll down, but it’s picking up fine. I can’t see any other reports on this problem.

Can you upload a whole screen recording to drive or something like that, showing the behaviour in full, and direct message me a link to view?

Thanks in advance!