Customized number of sets

When creating my own workout, I would like the option to customize the number of sets of each exercise, not only number of reps and weights

Hi @Roger You can use the three dot menu in right upper corner of workout creator to duplicate rounds. If you just want to repeat s set, leave it as it is. Otherwise you can edit each round to fit your needs.

But I want each exercise to be repeated in sets before continue to the next exercise.
I do not want to make a round of several exercises and then repeat.

I do not understand what you want to achieve :person_shrugging:

Do you want something like

5 sets of
10x Exercise X
60 sec Rest
5 sets of
10x Exercise Y
60 sec Rest


I am trying to get something like
3 sets of squats with 8 reps 100kg
To be able to create workouts faster then having to add the rest period and then add all 3 sets manually with configuring weights and everything all over again.

With an workout of 10 exercises of 3 sets with customized weights, that takes forever to create it in the app…

Hi @Roger , I think there’s an easier way to do that:
In custom workout, add your first exercise, the load and the rest, then click on the three little dot to duplicate the round, and click again to duplicate a second time. You now have 3 rounds of the barbell squats at the same load and same rest in between sets.

Then create your second exercise, choose the load, reps and rest, and duplicate 2 times again.

Do this until you have all your exercises, I just tried it and it can be done within minutes.

I hope that helps!


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That will result in that one round consist of 1 set of one exercise and one rest period?

Yea that’s correct, 1 round = 1 set + 1 rest.
Doing it this way is just easier and faster to duplicate your other sets.