We need your input - repetition selection for single exercises

Hey everyone :wave:t2:

We’d like your input on your experience with the single exercise feature, specifically with the selection of repetition number for these single exercises accessed in the “Explore” tab.

Any wishes or major gripes with this process that you want to share?

Thanks in advance!


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Not sure what you mean Ben-this seems to me pretty minor work that you want to look at doing, not sure that any changes here will make a huge difference to my experience with the app if I’m honest.

Edit: just thinking constructively, there comes a point with single exercises where it feels like it would be better to do them for a time than a certain number of reps. eg. 500 Single-unders. I lose count after 100. Feels like it would be better to do these for a 5 minutes rather than 500 reps.


When using this feature, it is usually to add an exercise for a few sets. For example, I tried to include the pull-up training plan from freeletics or add some extra biceps work from time to time. However, I have stopped doing that as every time I need to reselect the exercise and the number of reps, which is very time consuming and not user friendly. It would be great, in addition to being able to select the number of rep, to be able to set a number of sets (1-5) and rest time between time (30 sec to 120sec)


Agree with the comments above. Tinkering with the rep selection does not seem like a necessary or worthwile improvement.

Adding sets or the ability to construct your own workout would be way more useful.


I agree with the above. I like that there are the same options for reps across all exercises as it standardizes the workload (tracking PBs and comparing times across athletes is therefore easier to do) but it is a pain to have to re-select the rep counts that I like to do every time. 3 things would solve this - auto set the reps to the amount done last time the single exercise was performed, allow the creation of custom workouts, allow the ability to favorite single exercises and workouts.

This would make the explore tab more useful as athletes could get to the workouts they want to do much faster to supplement their coach training without an extended break or waste of time.


I like the single exercises. I wish it was a roll of numbers. The jump from 10 to 25 to 50 and so on is just too much for some exercises. Also with an ability to make sets. Like how many of this single exercises at this number you want to do.

Sometimes I like to do pull-ups till failure. It would be nice if you could just input what you done after complete like we had with the old Max exercises. Which I wish would make a comeback.


Hi Ben,

An option to put your own number of repetitions would be amazing for single exercises.

For example “Strict Pullups” starts at 10x and then the next is 25x. I think most of us would agree that going from 10x to 25x is a big leap and not reflective of a persons natural strength development progression.

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I would pretty much agree with the above. Additionally, be great to add impacted muscle groups (primary and secondary?) which I find helps with form especially when trying to master a new exercise.


for my training the implemented version is enough.
As a small improvement : If you select you execise and select the number of repetitions it would be good if i had the possibility to add a new round without exit the session


I agree totally with the above. From my point of view the app should especially provide:

  • possibility of sets and
  • possibility to build my own workouts
  • favorite workouts

I think those options would be great and if I’m not confused, their are a bunch of other topics in the forum where this is being requested for a while.

To be able to change the repetition number in smaller steps is a good idea but from my point of view not really a big change that is as necessary as the above mentioned features.


so what would it be like to swipe left on each set of 50 for all reps greater than 50?


Yes it would be great if they returned the old Freeletics MAX workouts as it was in the first app.

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@Ben Yes ability to add Sets for single exercise would be very helpful.

For some God workouts it would also be useful to able to select 1/2, 1/4 etc. The Coach assigns these partial workouts, but you cannot select those options yourself. There is also no way to see your PB for these partial God workouts.