Favorite Workouts

Now that there are so many workouts, it would be great to have the ability to favorite them and get to all my favorites in one spot. Does anyone else see this as a useful possible feature?


Très bonne idée :+1:

I think it would be great to do this. Also, something where I can create my own workout with my favourite exercises. I almost always add certain exercises to my coach session, and rather than have to manually add each one of these separately, I could create my own workout and save this, and then just add it whenever I want. Not sure I am explaining that properly-hope it makes sense!


Hey again Adam :wave:t2: How are things your end?

This is something that is on our to-do list, along with this actually @Lotta :point_down:t2: - we know there are many Athletes (including me!) who do the exact same thing :+1:t2:

At one point we were close to starting this work, but a few other things got prioritised instead. At the moment it is something that we might be able to look at again next year, but for sure there is no room to squeeze it in this year.



I hope the possibility to create own trainings comes as soon as possible. It is very annoying when you have to constantly search and make settings during the training. Even with the live trainings offered by FL, this happens, which disrupts the flow immensely. When I currently train without a coach, I create a training session with other apps, but I would like to bundle everything in FL so that the coach can also take the extra training into account for the next sessions.


It would be a great improvement if you could add the repeat option for the individual exercises instead of searching for them again.

For example, “Active hang” for 30 secs.
I need to search for it and changing secs to 30 every time I want to repeat it.

It could be added in the screen where “finish” button is with another called “repeat”.

Another option is adding the repeat button in the historic or community tab where all the exercises are and can be edited or viewed.

Another idea, a tab of favourites where exercises could be sent and repeated from there.

And last option even better, once selected the exercise, adding the option to do some series or repetitions apart from selecting time.


I‘m waiting for such a feature, too. Especially an option to create sets/rounds or even whole workouts would be so helpful.