Differences between "Obtaining your coach" and "Combos"

Hello there,

When you have to choose an abonnement, it is written :

“Obtain your coach now” or
“Combo Body and Mental”

I would like the exercices from the coach, the mental audios and the nutrition… Can you help me? Thank you…

Hi @Yvan :wave:t2:

In this case :point_up:t2: you would want to purchase a Training and Nutrition subscription :point_down:t2:


Ok, but it doesn’t give me the answer… On my iPhone, it is written “Get your coach now” or “Body and Mind combo”… Which one should I choose?

There is no difference in body & mind combo and the coach (for a year or so). The audio sessions are included in coach subscription.
If you want to also have the nutritional part, you have to choose the bundle Coach&Nutrition.