Difficulty with resubscription

I am encountering some difficulties with resubscriping to the app.
When I go to the app and hit locked exercise I get “Update payment details” screen.
I hit “Go to subscription settings” but there is no Freeletics subscription.
When I try to resubscribe to the app via browser I receive a message “There was an issue processing this transaction. Please try again or use another card”. When I try again I get the same result.
I have uninstalled and instaled the app, reeboot my smartphone but to no effect.
Samsung A51, Android 13.
Freeletics v 23.23.0
The app is set to English.
I am in Ukraine.
I have encountered wit this problem on Tuesday, June 27.
I am using Google Chrome browser, v 114.0.5735.199

Really hope there is a fix to this problem.
Thank you!

Hi @taras.frolov , could it be possible that you first subscribed through an app store? Google store or Apple store?

Yes, originaly I subscribed to Freeletics via Google Play Store (Android).

Hi, in that case, your membership is managed through the Google Play Store, not through the website. If you wish to renew, try doing so on the Google Play Store.