Discovering people by level

Hi Guys,

I am in level 124 and love to be with members on the same level or above to challenging myself to improve about them. It would be a nice feature to include for future release.

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As long as you don’t train with others physically together, comparing with others seems a little useless. I’m on level 131, Vanessa Gebhardt (the ultimate beast!) is “just” on 100. The level should not be a measurement. Compare yourself with yourself. Or athletes of which you know they are doing the workouts with proper technique. Because someone could reach level 150 by just sitting on the couch and randomly clicking through the app.


Thank you sir for your feedback!

I can understand your point of view and in part makes sense. I have been through the years in Freelectics following athletes that match with my physical conditions. Even thought I try to beat my PB is an internal competition I have with the small group I am following, it is an extra booster for me.

Athletes that are in my level but you sometimes see their picture and their PB way far from the serious members I follow, make me think they are not doing the right technics, as you mentioned, then I stop following them. So this the other point which support your comment.

It is not harm to have this suggestion in future versions and depend of the user to follow new athletes or not as per my analysis. Also great to have age range feature that I can facilitates to be in the same age that I am (even though I am 50 years old will be hard to compete with a person way younger than me). The group I create afterwards will be my virtual Freelectics peers!

Another future that I guess is easy to do is the clap sound only when PB is reach. That will be fun!!

Thank you so much for your time in response my message!