Discovering People

Dear Freeletics Team,

this is now the third time, I’m reaching out to you within 2 years to add a new feature to the app. It’s really a simple thing. When you click discover people so you can find active members there is NO FiLTER option. If I start typing for example “Peter” I’ll see all Peters inactive users being at level 1. What WE need is filer for Nationality, Last time active, Level, Gender etc. This would help to get more people going and make you also more revenue.

I have also tons of other ideas which would help you to boost the number of users and subscripitons. I have also offered you my help to work remotely on projects for you which are really easy-fix implementations with good ROI.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



@Gege1984 - totally agree with you. It is almost impossible to find someone in that list. Would be good to exclude people Level 1 and / or people, who haven’t been active for 6 months or longer.

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