Leaderboard section

When was you looked at the “leaderboard”. How much do you check. For example, did you look today. This week, this month… maybe you’ve just checked it once or twice for all the time beyond.

When I shared my opinion on this elsewhere a while ago. In response they said: “We don’t get motivated by that type of thing, so we don’t think it’s necessary.” If so why is there a leaderboard tab?

However, the leaderboard can provide a highly motivating benefit. Friendly competition creates a gamification effect.

So why isn’t it working? It doesn’t work because its design is missing. The filter must be added; weekly, monthly, yearly and all time, gender, age group, city and country etc. What about you, do you have an opinion you would like to add on this subject?

Concerning HI(I)T, I am not a fan of competitions, even of “friendly ones”.

Trying to do something faster than someone else almost always leads to a miserable technique, with which in the end you won absolutely nothing.
Technique ahead of time. Therefore, I am even in favor of a general abolition of the leaderboard or any ranking (the current one in terms of points is meaningless anyway).

And if somenone wants to measure him-/herself against the times of others when (s)he doesn’t know whether the exercises were performed correctly (I can also lie on the sofa, nibble pretzel sticks and click my way through a workout), (s)he should be happy to do so. As long as there is no referee standing by and checking the movements, that’s pretty pointless.

The only comparison of importance is the one against myself.

@melaLetics this list is about the total training volume, the arguments you wrote are not relevant to this list. However, there are other lists with a similar name. To develop them, a separate opinion is required, so that’s another issue.