Displaying running results

After completing a sprint workout, can I see the times for individual sprints somewhere?

Hi @craigavis and welcome to the forum!
You should be able to see that in Profile>Workouts>Workouts.

Hope that helps!


There is just the overall time you need, not the time for the single sprints. Or does this occur to my data because my running history is too old and there was a breaking change in displaying them? (I don’t know, I do not running anymore)

Hi @melaLetics , I am not too sure, I lost all of my Running Workout data when the three apps merged. I would assume the running gods would display as the body weight gods do:

And I would assume that you could see the time for each sprints intervals as you do for each body weight exercise.
But I lost all my data and I haven’t done a running god in a whiiiiile so can’t say for sure!

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That’s why I ask: I can’t scroll down to the summary to see the individual intervals. But I’m not sure if this depends on my running data from 2021.
@Ben Was there a breaking change in displaying the summary under Profile → Workouts → Workouts selecting any workout? Even with bodyweight workouts, I cannot see the summary if the execution was earlier than mid-2021.

Hey @melaLetics :wave:t2:

I think there was a change at some point (with the introduction of toolbox), but I’m not sure if this was affected.

So you can’t see any summary for any interval or God prior to mid-2021? On the face of it that sounds strange. What do you see?


Not all records appear to be affected.
But opening an Athena I did in February 2021 via Profile → Workouts → Workout, I can only scroll down to word “Summary” but not below it.

Any chance you logged that manually?


Not sure in this case (although I only remember that I tracked a god workout manually on a hot summer day in 2019) . But I definitely didn’t track manually all my twelve Dione executions before mid November 2020 - where this also happens :person_shrugging: