Tracking performance over time

Currently each divinity training records our personnal best, which is good.
BUT, it would be even better to keep track of all our attempts, and be able to have a nice chart.
This way, even when we don’t beat our Personal Best (which happens quite often after using the app for a while), we could better understand how our performance is placing vs. all the other attempts for this workout.
This would be particularly useful when getting back to the app after a break (eg: is my performance far of from all the other attempts, or just from my PB? How far is it from most of my attempts?), or simply to keep track of all the different performances when they’re not breaking PB.

I think it would help keeping motivated, even when reaching a plateau in performances.

I’d love to hear what you guys think!


For the individual god workouts and individual exercises (pretty much anything with a PB) this is possible. Go to your profile tab, click on the little medal symbol to see your stats, then click on the Workouts count, in the new page click the Workouts tab, then select the god workout you want. This will show you a full history of your attempts at this god as well as your PB and a nice bar chart showing performance over time. This is a very useful feature of FL and I wish they made it more accessible, but it is there,

Hope that helps :smiley:


People need to observe their progress.

@AOhReallyUh mentioned, “This is a very useful feature of FL and I wish they made it more accessible, but it is there.”

This functionality is essential to the app, and unfortunately, it appears to be getting increasingly hidden with each subsequent app update.


I concur - this is hidden incredibly deeply. I consider myself a technically savvy power user, yet I was shocked to find out from @AOhReallyUh’s post that this feature existed! :grin: Please make it more discoverable.