Exclude body parts

I am doing leg exercise at the gym and I use Freeletics for the rest of body parts. Every time I exclude upper and lower legs from the training I get always the same training plan and it contains leg exercises. Can you fix that? I’d like to see more training options/plans and obviously without the body part I’ve excluded.

That shouldn’t be the case, but what journey you have selected?

The “exclude body parts” feature will only exclude the most intense exercises. That means it’s possible that you still get assigned exercises targeting this zone with low to medium intensity. You’ll also be offered an alternative only if the Coach can find one. If you have no runs, no space, no noise, or blacklisted exercises, that could reduce the pool of available workouts to the point there is no alternative, resulting in having the same session.
This feature might be misleading in the sense it was not designed to allow you targeting only a specific body part, but only to deal with muscle soreness. I’ll pass the feedback.