Swap exercises in a session

I wish there was the facility to swap individual exercises out with each session. I have some mobility issues with an injury so struggle with some of them. I wish you could swap for a similar exercise, or choose from some suggested ones.

Also, why isn’t there the ability to have a combines barbell and dumbbell session.?




Hi @neiltomo , welcome to the forum!

If the coach assigns you exercises that you physically cannot do, make sure to give the appropriate feedback “i couldn’t do all the reps of an exercise” (or something similar) and then click on the exercise that you struggled with.

The Coach will adjust for the next training session.

Otherwise you can also unselect some exercises from the Coach’s pool in “Exclude exercises”.

I think Freeletics is currently working on improving the training experience to not be restricted by a Training Journey’s limitations: e.g. only barbell program or only dumbell program.



Thanks so much - I’ve looked everywhere on the app for "Coach’s pool in “Exclude exercises” - can you tell me where to find it please? I love the app and how it pushes me but I wish there was some flexibility in easily swapping exercises for people with mobility issues

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No problems @neiltomo !

It’s in your Coach sheeting here :slight_smile:

Thanks so much - really super helpful.

Sadly, the version on my app doesn’t give the same options - see screenshot (I’m on android)

I’m on the latest version of

the app as well…

The reason you don’t see this option of coach setting is your choice of Journey. In Dumbbell Gain you cannot exclude exercises.

Hmmm that’s potentially not possible on the Dumbbell journey… what exercises are you looking at adapting?

I can’t see a list of the exercises,but its the one where you lie on you side with one arm wrapped round your side, doing dips with one hand…I’ve got a shoulder injury so its almost impossible for me.

Could I politely ask why there isn’t the facility to swap out an exercise for a similar one on all of the plans please? Seems a very reasonable request.


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Hi @neiltomo , yeah a shoulder injury would prevent you from doing quite a few exercises.

I am not sure why there is this restriction in this journey. I agree it would be great to have the same paramètres for each plan.

@Ben would you know why this journey has this limit?

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Definitely something that we want in the future-this is one of those things that is basically constrained by the type of Training Journey you are on.

It’s not a bug though @neiltomo, it is something we would expect :point_down:t2: but we know it’s not ideal.

If you are injured and can not train, please consider whether you should be training - to use the Freeletics app you should be in a good state of general health, i.e. injury free.


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