Exclude more body areas

Dear Team,

Sometimes I wish to exclude certain body areas that are not in the list of areas to exclude. Like eg the shoulders (or neck) after a Pegasos or the forearms. What about allowing the athletes to choose more granular which muscle group to exclude? I’d be a fan :wink:

By excluding back and/or triceps, you should receive your desired result. Just play with the options and see what the coach comes up with. :wink:

Too many options result in confusion for users.


Hmm… to be honest I find it more complicated and confusing having to pay around :wink:

How about displaying the screen below and letting the athletes choose there what muscle area to exclude? Would btw also find this intuitive in the filter function. No? :relaxed:


thats actually bothering me as well. when i have a sore butt and legs from doing too many squats and i don’t have any option to exlude big muscle parts like butt or shoulders and the coach insists on butt excersices, then i have to put the training to another day… which is a shame bc i could still do much with my arms and back.
i think that would be a great addition to add at least shoulders and butt.

Have you tried excluding upper and/or lower legs from your workout? It should have the same effect.

this workaround doesn’t always work, at least for me. It’d be much easier if it were possible to exclude them.