FIXED - Android and iOS - Coach does not assign a weight in any Weights Journey session

Hey everyone,

We’re aware of a bug that is affecting some of the Weights Journeys where the Coach will not assign a weight. Seems to be affecting both Apple and Android users. You’ll see in the screenshots below that no weight is specified where we would expect it to be.

If you are affected and want to report please throw your Device model and your iOS and app version below-this can help us to understand and resolve bugs much more quickly.

Thanks for your understanding and we’re very sorry for any inconvenience whilst we try to issue a fix.


Hi, I’ve been affected by this problem.

I’m on Android, device Realme GT2 Pro. And on the latest APP version (23.4.0).

I was updating my equipment settings to add some. And after updating my settings in the coach, the weights dissapeared.

Even inside the training itself I’m missing the little “C” button to update the weight I’m using.

I’ve tried reinstalling also.

Hope this is helpfull!

Hey-we’ve managed to fix the cause of this :+1:t2: but you may still be affected for your next session. You might prefer to adapt your next session to a Bodyweight one rather than do a weights session with no allocated weights, but after that, the Coach will pick up where you left off in your future sessions.

Hope that is clear and again we’re all sorry for the inconvenience.


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