I can't find the "Weights free gain" Journey

I just re subscribed after a year and a half my last subscription was june 2022.
Now I can’t see all the training journeys. I need the “Weights free gain” but I can’t find it. Also I feel that the app lacks some features that was in the past.
Any Help ??

Stupid question (it feels like because I can’t guess based on your nick name): du you have a male account? Weights free gain is a journey for men.
If yes: no, there weren’t journeys removed. You should find it in Training Overview under Defining your body (something like this, my app is in German).

yes I’m a male, The journeys that appear to me are not all of them, and after I selected one, I can’t even change it. I’m lost here because it feels like the app is not the same as it used to be in 2022. less features

You can change after selecting one:
Go to Coach-Tab, select coach settings (gear icon right upper corner), select Training Journey (first option in list) and there you should see all Journeys.

What I discoverd that it only shows the journeys that are related to my answers when I download the app and hides all the rest.

So I re-installed the app and selected only “Body weight” in the wizard at the beginning so it appeared.

All the Training Journeys are viewable via the settings icon in the top right hand corner of the Coach tab :point_down:t2:



Thanks a lot. In my mobile display, I can see only one image so there was no indication that I could swipe right and left to see the rest. They should add left and right arrows or something