Barbell Gain Journey - Missing feedback/Bug?


I’m currently on the Barbell Gain Journey, current session 27 out of 42, it is my first run on this Journey.

Since the new update 2-3 weeks ago, I noticed that coach feedback has been limited to only telling the coach how my technique went. It used to ask if the last set’s weight was ok, but that has now disappeared. I’m wondering if that is still going to change? I did find the option to give weight feedback on the last set very helpful. Sometimes that’s when I started feeling that the weight was too heavy, so I could get it adapted automatically for the next workout.

Also, the coach used to increase the weight on every workout but now the weight has been the same for a couple of weeks. I’m wondering if that’s a bug, or if that’s supposed to be like this at this stage of the Journey? It just feels like this started happening after the new update.

I’m on Iphone 12 Pro, iOS 15.6.1.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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Same here. I think it’s a bug for the journeys with weights…

Here the screens I get after Barbell exercises.


The problem seems to have been solved with the newest update. :grin:

Now you can even adjust weight in the middle of a set:

A new “coach” button has made its appearance which allows you to do so.

Now there’s also a break between the warmup sets and the normal sets, which is really nice.

At the end of the interval, coach feedback looks like this:

Seems to work as before as the weight has been increased on my next workout.

Great job freeletics team, thank you very much!

But still no PBs for weight excersises, its a shame.

Can you elaborate that a bit? Usually weight exercises are not time based like intervals.
Focus on the exercise and the technique and not rushing for a PB

@laterion No i mean that you cant save your progress at weight excersises (1RM/PB).
Using velocity to predict maximum strength in athletes, a coach can then chart these daily or weekly predictions to map out progress in the gym. This information can then help athletes calibrate and adjust their training to increase performance. Also you can not make progress in intervals with weight excersises, you dont know which weight you have to take.

Well these are two different things.

For all weight journeys, coach is adjusting the weight according to your feedback.
There are different ways to track progress, not all are suitable for an AI app.
If there is no weight defined in bodyweight journeys, it’s up to you to choose the weight and track progress, that’s not straightforward you are right with that.