FIXED - Old results 2x 3x god workouts

Is it just me, or is it not longer possible to see old results for 2x or 3x god workouts?

Hey @Bugwigs :wave:t2:

A big welcome and thanks for reporting this :smiling_face:

I think we’re just becoming aware of this affecting some iOS devices.

Can you let me know which model iPhone you use as well as your iOS version?


Iphone 13mini, iOS 15.6.1, freeletics 22.36.0

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Thanks for that info-we’ll start looking in to it :+1:t2:


Any hope of solving the issue? I use the latest update and it is still the same :grimacing:

Hey Bugwigs :wave:t2:

It’s still being worked on. Please don’t expect a fix for every bug with every update, some problems will take longer and others won’t even make it in to the sprint cycle.

I’ll edit this bug to “FIXED” when we have a fix :+1:t2:


Hi @Bugwigs, Hi everyone,
This bug has been fixed now, and the fix will be deployed with the 22.41.0 version of the app.


tors 13 okt. 2022 kl. 10:10 skrev Sylvain via Freeletics Forum <>: