New update - Changes in the Profile tab

Good morning everyone,

We have made some new changes to the app in the profile section. You will now find your own activities under the “Profile” tab by clicking on “xx Posts”.
Below are the Android and iOS views.
Please keep in mind that there is still work in progress, and you will see additional improvements in the future.

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@Sylvain This isn’t an update, this is just a tweak. We are waiting for huge updates, not a text-tweak. We paid extra this year for more features, and not very much has changed in the app this year. It looks like you dont have the people to make additional improvements in Freeletics. It looks like you all are too busy with your new app “” .


It’s a good way to present our information in the app, actually the last profile version and even the community app, are better now to follow other peoples, before it was boring.

@Sylvain - thank you for tellling about this update. For some people I can see the posts and for some not. All of them are followers and vice versa so I do not see a reason here.

iOS 15.6 on iPhone SE
App Version

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@Liverputlian What do you mean by “For some people I can see the posts and for some not.”
Did they choose to display their post with the dedicated toggle?
Do you have a screen recording to illustrate this issue? I’m not sure to get what your issue is.

@Sylvain : Sure, please see the 2 screen shots posted below. Both are from Athletes that follow me and I follow them as well:

All Infos are in grey, so i cannot see their posts or any other info. On my old IPad Version, this is still possible. Strange enough, I see that athletes Workouts in the regular community tab.

All info is in white color, so I can open it and see the posts and any other info

Good morning @Sylvain ,

With the latest update, this issue seems solved. I can see all posts of Athletes I am following again.

Thank you