Freeletics integration with Strava/Garmin for Running would be great!

Hi Guys,

For running workout, it would be great to have such a feature where you can import data from Strava/Garmin ecosystem, as its the default standard for many.

Thank You


I would also like to see an integration going the other way too - Back into Strava from Freeletics.

Alternatively, the ability to sync workouts from Apple Health & Google Health would achieve the same goal since Strava and Garmin can sync to those platforms.


Exactly, I like your idea.

Even now we can connect to Google Fit using our Freeletics account, and also Googel Fit can connect to Garmin/Strava ecosystem , but integration is very basic and workouts don’t get synced across the system. I understand the complexity given the variety of workouts, but we can at least start with running.

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@athletes what do you think guys?

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Eso mismo comenté yo en el forum hace un par de semanas, el poder compartir entrenamientos con otras plataformas como stava, Garmin…es una genial idea para que se pueda contabilizar entrenamientos y sobretodo para poder solapar entrenamientos.
Ojalá sea una opción que tengan en cuenta y se pueda hacer se medio-corto plazo

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true that brother :fist_left:

@Ben What’s your take on this?