Logging external Daily Activities in the app

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We’re happy to share an update with you that will be rolled out to you all this week. Starting soon, you will notice a new feature in your Freeletics app that logs your daily activities connected to Apple Health and Android Health Connect. All the fitness or sport activities that you sync to Apple or Google will also now be logged in the Training app, in the current day of your Coach tab.

This feature is purely informative at this point, providing you with additional insights into your daily health and fitness activities as long as they are logged with Google or Apple Health. At this stage, it won’t be shared in the Community feed, and it won’t have any impact on your Coach.

The primary goal of this update is to lay the foundation for future integrations that will enhance your Freeletics experience.

Looking ahead, we have exciting plans to further develop this integration.

As always, please share any feedback with us on the update below :point_down:t2:

Please remember, only 3rd party apps that allow you to connect to your devices Health app (Apple Health for iOS and Health Connect for Android) will sync data to Freeletics.

If you are having trouble connecting your 3rd Party app to Apple Health or Health Connect, you should contact the affected 3rd Party app directly.



Freeletics is suggesting to let the coach know about our other activities connecting to Health Connect.

The question is which information the coach uses and how is used to improve our experience?

Hi, where i can suggest other activty at the coach? Thank you

Hi @guiparreira @roberto.franceschini,
I moved your posts in that dedicated thread.

Hello Ben

There are two things I don’t really understand .

Firstly, sometimes Google is said “Google Fit” and Sometimes “Google health”… and they are two separate Google apps… so which one exactly will Freeletics interact with ?

Second point : well… it’s that I don’t get the idea. Users who are so deeply committed to their sport activities, use apps like Strava , or manufacturers apps (Polar Flow, Garmin Connect…) and others… not Google Fit (or Google whatever).

I use a Polar watch and a Polar H10 heart rate sensor so Polar Flow and Strava contain all my physical activities, If I was a Garmin user, I would say the same for Garmin Connect… but Google Fit has nothing related to my sports activities.

So is it possible to explain more deeply (and more simply) what is the exact goal of this ?



Adding daily workouts, such as walking or running, to the app and tracking the overall movement of a user, similar to Apple Health, will definitely benefit the personalized training app. I look forward to further developments.


Great! It sounds like a nice feature.
I am not coming back until you bring back the Apple Watch app, though.

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Hey @LStelie,
My bad for the confusion on the names, that’s my mistake, not Ben’s.
We fetch the info from Apple Health and Android Health Connect. If your Strava app, Polar Flow or Garmin Connect is given permission to connect with Apple Health or Health Connect, it will in that case also be visible by us.
That being said, for now it will not have any impact on your Coach. We’ll communicate later this year more information on the development and use of that feature.

I love where you’re going with this. Please let it have an impact on the coach, or at least the daily logging of workouts in Freeletics. That way you can be a central hub for all of a user’s physical activities. Great data for the Coach to adapt sessions too. Also, if I did a grueling workout outside the app I’d still like for that to be counted by Freeletics so it doesn’t look like I’m slacking and so I don’t break my workout streak in the app


Thanks Sylvain,
I understand now, I’ve checked it’s a good move but only for a distant future, at least for Android (I don’t know well the Apple sport ecosystem) .

Right now none of the major sports app are compatible with Google health Connect, only second rate weight loss apps (except MyFitnessPal that is a weight loss app but not second rate).

In the meantime a real integration with Strava would have been a clever addition, and a good complement for Freeletics workouts mostly weight and bodyweight based, because on Strava Freeletics can get the data for all running or cycling people.

Thanks for the explanation Sylvain.

Nette Idee, was ist mit der Samsung Health App?

I must say I’ve seen this coming this time. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Noticed days ago how Daily Activity added Freeletics logo next to anything extra Coach, then one was kind of duplicated, missing the Freeletics logo. Started wondering if this meant app would have showed sport activities from other sources synced via Apple Health. I train using both Freeletics app and a Polar Pacer Pro in order to have better health insights, both syncing with Health, so this is a very good confirmation, especially since your announcement underlines this is the foundation to more integration coming in the future.

Just wondering how duplicates will be handled. Apple Health smartly identifies duplicates (as an example it does this also with step counting from the iPhone itself and from a wearable) and tracks only what it considers the most reliable (sometimes it is just a matter of the longest one).


Would indeed be interesting - especially when you both track your Freeletics workout with your Apple Watch and at the same time let Freeletics send data to Apple Health

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Nice step forward!

It looks like a great way to improve the app, otherwise my problem about that, at the moment, is that the feature logs any session I made duplicating the coach session in the Daily Activity Session

Here it is my endurance coach session plus the same endurance coach session :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(Don’ t consider the other workout because it’s just a day at work, which is another point I have to deal with if you are going to use this data to set the coach session in the future)

Hi Ben

Am sure it’s been mentioned, but is there any dev plan to integrate Garmin / Garmin Connect to the Freeletics App?

I’ve been logging coach workouts for months now on my Garmin (which is auto-linked to Strava) and uploads workouts automatically.

It would be awesome to then have these additional activities logged on the Coach.

I guess the same goes for Fitbit, Whoop, Polar, etc. and a potential p’ship to Strava…

Be good to know if that’s something coming down the line - I know the community would LOVE this integration :pray:



For everyone who is asking for an integration between Freeletics and other fitness apps.

Isn’t it much easier/wouldn’t it work to have all third-party apps integrate with Apple Health/Android Health than every third-party app integrate with every other third-party app? Apple Health/Android Health can serve as a connector to let apps share workouts data.


For data to become information, it is essential that it remains very clear what data is being used for what calculation and how it was collected. Allowing different apps to collect data, and/or write and read data to and from other apps or devices, adds to the confusion about what has been collected, how it is compatible, and what is actually included in the final analysis. Even the aggregation of data in Apple Health, for example, from different devices running in parallel, makes it unclear how the aggregated data set was actually achieved. A stable way to gain insight at the moment is the analysis of data through a company that has also collected the data, e.g. Polar, as it shows very clearly which data collected by Polar devices has been used for which evaluation. Through extensive testing of its own devices, Polar is able to apply algorithms to the data that compensate for shortcomings in the collection process. The progress evaluation therefore shows the change over time between data collected in the same way by devices that are fully understood by the evaluating company. As different devices are not reliable in collecting comparable data sets, how does Freeletics ensure that the data collected from third party equipment and apps matches its own understanding of training impact?

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