Google fit not syncing with freeletics

When is the expected fix?


+1 here. Not working. Any updates?

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I have been preffering to use other apps as my heart points increase in google fit…

@here any updates, this is so frustrating when it comes to tracking workouts in Google Fit.

Hey @here :wave:t2:

Ok, so I have an update that I can now share with you.

What’s happened is essentially that Google are starting to close access to their Fit Android API and we’ve been affected by this already. As such, although our side of the integration is working, nothing is getting through on the Google end.

We were already planning to move to a Google Health integration so this will come later this year, although to be clear it will be probably in the 2nd half of the year due to some other cool updates coming soon :+1:t2:

I wish I could have been the bearer of more positive news, but we’ll try to work on a Google Health integration as fast as we can.


Can’t say I’m happy with it, and I’m probably not alone, but I appreciate the detailed update :pray:

Many thanks for this update, Ben. Have a nice day!!

So you say, that fixing an essential part of the mostly paid Freeltics app is postponed because of “cool updates”.

I mean why don’t you work on resolving a bug that seems to effect so many users?

Sorry but can’t understand that…

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I can’t understand how such a major feature that paid users use to track their training output has been allowed to laspe??


Please fix the sync with health connect

Whats the ETA on this update? @Ben

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What’s the update on this?

Hi neilson,

Have a look here: