Google fit not syncing with freeletics

Google fit syncs my other app data but not freeletics, google fit is also syncing my steps but not freeletics data, please help, google fit is an overall tracking of my health and and meta gamifier of my health life.


Hey Elton :wave:t2:

Can you completely reset your Google fit connection and tell me if this resolves this problem for you on your next workout? To do this, you should :point_down:t2:

  1. Disconnect the integration in both the Google Fit and Freeletics app
  2. Close down the Freeletics app and Google Fit completely
  3. Reopen your Freeletics App
  4. Reconnect to Google Fit in your Freeletics app
  5. When you do this you will be prompted to give the required security permission.

This should resolve this for you but only for future workouts , if not let me know.


I have the same problem and no, resetting or restarting both apps and reconnecting with goggle fit didn’t solve the problem!
I can’t synchronize anymore with my Google Fit, and that’s pretty anyoing!

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It does not work

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Same here
Was working fine but suddenly stop synchronizing anymore.
I try to full reset as suggested but still not working
It’s kinda annoying


Hi. I have the same problem, too


I think it generally helps the team to have more information, e.g. which type of phone, software etc. for replicating the problem

Im using Samsung M 31
Android version 12
Freeletics version 23.17.0
Google fit version 2023.04.13

You’re right: I use a OnePlus LE2113

Hi, i have to say i have the same problem with huawei P30 since yesterday, tried everything suggest in forum/faq to relaunch sync but nothing works. general problem ?
Thx bye

Asus Zenfone 9, Android 13
Freelectic version 23.16
Sync broken since approx 1 week a least

hmm ok, so no needs to spend hours in phone and apps set up if it s comes from something else.
i sent a mail to customer service yesterday, if i have news, i ll keep in touh in that tread.

It’s a bug @here :+1:t2:

The team are working on a fix. I’ll try to share more re a fix release when we have one.



Ok, thank you for your reply.

Hi, did you find anything ? still not working for me.
Thank you.

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Freeletics always synchronized well with Google Fit so that I could keep track of my goals there. But recently it unfortunately stopped working and I think that’s since the Google Fit app asked to activate Health Connect sync. I have already tried to deactivate the Health Connect app, as well as uninstall and reinstall the Freeletics app, as well the Google Fit app. My EufyLife scale app continues to sync properly as usual. (Android user).

Here’s a link about Google Health Connect which looks like a further development by Google to improve syncing. Perhaps it would be a good idea for the Freeletics developers to link their app to Health Connect?

*“Health Connect is designed to centralize access to health and fitness data from various eligible apps. Today, more than 10 health and fitness apps are launching integrations with Health Connect, including MyFitnessPal, Oura and Peloton. (…) With Health Connect, developers no longer have to build a whole new integration. Google says building an integration with a new app is as simple as reading in new data from Health Connect.”

I tried the full disconnect and it’s not working for me either. Would love for this to get fixed! The calorie tracking is important to my workout journey.


Hi. Why doesn’t it move forward? Nothing will be done? that is an essential missing element on a paid app.


Writing justo to join the discussion. Connection is also broken since like 15 days or so.