Google Fit sync not working anymore

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Since a few days, the sync with Google fit is not working anymore and my workouts doesn’t appear anymore in fit.
Freelectic app is linked with Google with appropriate authorisation

Could you please fix this ?

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Asus Zenfone 9

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Android 13

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I am having the same issue as the original poster.
Tried first:

  • Removing access for Freeletics in my Google account settings
  • Restarting the phone
  • Gave Googe Fit permission
  • No success

Second attempt:

  • Re-installed Freeletics
  • Gave Google Fit permission (this time I have received a popup from Google to confirm the access)
  • No success

Phone: Google Pixel 6a
OS: Android 13
Freeletics: 23.18.0
Language: English
Location: Ireland, GMT +1
Problem Start: 21/05/23

Let me know if you need any other information.

@florian.esteves the same issue has been raised and answered here: