Group challenge feature-we need your input!

I like the idea of the challenge feature and I think it’s perfect for challenging friends. But I noticed the following:

  • The goal of the challenge is not very clear. Is it about doing more, being faster, or just persevering every day?

  • It is essential to have a menu to manage my challenges (exit, delete, quit, mark winners, etc.)


Hi @Ben

Some further feedback based on some use of the challange feature:

  • Challanges appears to be limited to 7 days only. As mentioned in my previous comment, we could do with some functionality around challange settings so that we could adjust this too e.g. make it a 30/60/90 day challange etc.
  • More options around what single exercises we can choose from would be great. I’m assuming it’s probably because its still in beta that the current options are limited to push-ups, pull-ups and a few others, but thought i’d mention it.


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Hey @Josh and welcome :wave:t2:

Thanks for the feedback-could you give us a bit more information on your second remark? What would that look like in the app? What kind of things would you want to be able to do here?


Hey @rua.donn, absolutely-it is still very much a work in progress! Feedback like this is definitely helping us to refine it :+1:t2:


Hi @Ben

Basically, I imagine the following features:

  • I would like to be able to invite other athletes directly in the app and not via a link (the other person should see a popup with the buttons accept / decline)
  • As an admin, I would like to select the duration of the challenge or be able to end the challenge early.
  • It would be cool to add also workouts or excise combinations to a challenge
  • In my opinion, a ranking list should be integrated, sorted according to the number of days reached and speed
  • Since a challenge would also be public, the admin should be able to exclude cheaters from the challenge

Does this explain what I mean?

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