Group challenge feature-we need your input!

Hey Athletes :clapclapstatic:

We are really excited about the new Group Challenge feature and hope you are too! If you haven’t tried it out yet, please do so (you can even share a challenge with some other Athletes here in the Forum!) and let us know what you think about it.

This is the first version of this new feature and we want to try and improve this over the next few months. If you are not completely convinced of this feature at the moment or it doesn’t meet your expectations, make sure you leave your feedback below and please give the Challenge feature another try in the near future.

We want to improve this feature, and have a few things in mind on how we might do this, but we want to hear from YOU so please throw your comments below :point_down:t2: and let us know what you like about it and what you would change!



I think it’s great. I think that there would be an option to finish the challenge and also a date option to start.


How do You delete a challenge? And the „Bring Your Buddies in“ did not pop up, hence I can invite via messaging etc., but not within the Freeletics App. Maybe an in-App message function would make sense?

Join me in this Freeletics challenge, Kieran’s Pull-up Challenge .
Tap here to learn more:

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And it would also be nice to know the exactly Challenge. I now joined Kierans Challenge by mistake although I just wanted to know how many PU it’s about.

@Kieran Sorry but 50 per day is too much for me. My palmes would never regret :joy:
But I guess I will give it a try. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Hello! How can I stop participating in a challenge in which I already registered?

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Hey Kieran :wave:t2:

This :point_up:t2: is not currently possible in the feature. So once you create a challenge, it is there until the challenge period is completed.

Yup-this would currently be expected :+1:t2: So would you ideally like some kind of method to invite Followers or people you are following in the app?

Hi Iván :wave:t2:

This is not possible in this initial iteration of the challenge feature. Is that something you would want to do?


Hmmm… I know way more people outside the app than inside of it.
But for „in App-contacts“ a kind of a message would be required. However: If I get swamped by challenges it might clatter up the app.

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I would love an in-app invitation. I have a few messengers on the phone but most of the FL contacts in the app.


Is it possible to participate in more than one challenge?

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This is possible with the current version :+1:t2: I don’t think there is a limit, but you could end up getting A LOT of notifications if you take part in a lot of challenges.


I‘d like to have the possibility to create weekly challenges.

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Super :+1: mais manque la possibilité de faire des invitations via l’application directement…