Some things missing

I have seen that there were some changing in the app. But I am surprised to see that some exercices with the barbell, are not included in freeletics with a demonstration video.

For exemple, the barbell inclined bench press for the chest. Or the whist barbell extension for the forearms. It would be nice to include it.

And concerning the community, it would be nice if we could locate people with the option if they want it or not, directly by freeletics community.

No everyone want to open a facebook or any social medias account. I do not want to do it because of bad experiences.

But I would be very satisfied to find some members of freelectics in my region and ask them if they want to train with me outside or not. It would be really easier.


I second the community suggestion! I opened the same topic recently :slight_smile: :point_down: :

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Oh there are new exercises??

There are in Custom Workout Builder. Not included in Coach afaik

I cannot find it… could you give more Information please? Thanks