[HELP] How can I move my old profile history to my new profile?

hey team - I recently purchased a lifetime access but accidentally used my Apple account instead the email address for my already active Freeletics account. Is it possible to pass my old account data to my new one? I’d hate for all my progress to be lost to start all over again. I can provide both my accounts details if the data transfer is possible. Thanks.

Heya :wave:t2:

So it’s not possible to transfer LTA from one account to another. The only solution is really only applicable if you purchased it within the last 14 days, in which case the team can refund the payment, allowing you to purchase it for the correct Freeletics account. Get in touch :point_down:t2:



I see. Unfortunately 14 days have already passed. Is there really nothing that can be done? I was really far in my training program and purchased the lifetime membership because the product is great. Starting all over again would be really demotivating. So any kind of help would be highly appreciated :pray::pray:

Hi @mvnwj8e3ps, I’ve sent you a DM - please have a look at your email :))