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Hi all!
I’ll be brief on my story. Basically, my mum subscribed to Freeletics last year and ended up using it for a bit and later had to stop due to a medical condition on her knee. Unfortunately, she forgot to unsubscribe from the renewal, and last week the amount was charged to her card. Despite the fact that she requested reimbursement from Freeletics, which probably won’t be successful as it is a renewal and not a first-time subscription, I was wondering if it’s possible to transfer her subscription to my account given that mine will expire in a couple of days.
Any help would be appreciated

Hey Nikita :wave:t2:

First of all a big welcome to the Community, and I hope you have had a great start to the year :pray:t2:

This :point_up_2:t2: : is definitely possible. This is how it works: your mum just needs to request a voucher code for the time period of her current subscription period from Support, and she can give this to you. Once your current subscription expires, you’ll then be able to use it to start a new subscription, and redeem the time that she has paid for.

A couple of things to note :point_down:t2:

  • Your mum does need to request this-we can’t discuss or take action on any requests not made by the account owner.
  • You should cancel the renewal of your own subscription, so that you aren’t charged yourself and can make use of the voucher code.
  • Your mum can make the request using this Contact Form :point_down:t2:

Finally, please pass on my own best wishes to your mum :pray:t2: I hope she is ok and on the road to recovery.


Thank you so much for your warm welcome and all your help Ben! She will get on it ASAP

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