How to avoid specific exercises?

I recently hurt my knee and can’t do exercises of high impact on it such as those that involve jumping. How do I set up my coach to avoid specific exercises? I know I can avoid certain muscle groups, but that’s not ideal. While doing PT I can still exercise all my muscle groups, I just need to be mindful of specific exercises.

You can enable the “train silent mode” which excludes exercises with jumping and furthermore also exclude up to 10 exercises in specific. When you’re on the coach day click on the option button on the right top corner.
But please keep in mind that the app is designed for healthy people so listen to your body and maybe consult your doctor

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There were a function inside the app in which you can select which exercises you want to avoid, but I can’t find it now.

@Ben was this featured deleted from the app?

Depending on your journey it may not be possible (i.e. weighted journeys)
Otherwise it’s still possible the way I described in my previous post @dalbet

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Hi @dalbet !
You can exclude up to 10 exercises. Please follow these steps to do so:

  • Go to your Coach tab
  • Tab on the settings icon in the top right corner
  • Select “Excluded exercises”

Please note that we recommend you to include as many exercises as possible as it will limit the pool of exercises available to your Coach and excluding exercises will decrease the variety of your Training Journey.

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Thanks Anna.

Is that option only available for certain journeys? Now I’m with Dumbbell Gain and that option does not appear.


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As I said, in weighted journeys (dumbbell, barbell and kettlebell) you can’t exclude any

Ohh, yeah… You’re right. I haven’t seen that. Sorry.